The Bender Ball DVD workout - incorporating the Mini Green workout ball to give you an intense core Pilates workout.

Standard Crunches vs the Bender Ball

With the Bender Ball, every move you make sculpts your abs perfectly. Leslee Bender's Selective Stabilization method gets your muscles working at the highest intensity, targeting the muscles across your core. The Bender Ball workout surpasses a workout of standard crunches by up to 408%**. This means you can spend less less time working out to sculpt beautiful abs fast!

Over 4 Times More Effective than
Regular Stomach Crunches!

Bender Exercise Ball is 4 times more effective than regular sit ups

The Bender Method

The secret to great results is the Bender Method of Core Training... developed by master trainer Leslee Bender. Utilizing Leslee's mini ab ball, each of the ab sculpting moves uses principles from Pilates and puts you in the perfect position for results. Combined with her effective method of selective stabilization, it cranks up the intensity and targets the muscles you want from all sides - your upper abs, the sides and those hard to reach lower abs.

DVD workout shows you how to get results using The Bender exercise ball
Sculpt Beautiful Abs FAST with BenderBall™
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